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O mně

- No, I'm more of a practicing psychologist, my position is called abstrusely, but at work I must strive to improve the climate in the team

- And yesterday I read a test in some magazine: does your chair bother you, did you play with dolls ... You will do this, right?

- Well, not quite. We both laughed. - I will, for example, ask why we have Sveta so sad ... - I threw the bait.

Sveta looked at me, paused, and reluctantly squeezed out:

- Not enough sleep.

The hell with two - she did not get enough sleep! It can be seen that she has some kind of problem, but Katya is enough for me today.

- Never mind. She has such a character.

The computer display next to the TV changed its picture.

- Well, - said Katya, - I have to go, I'll be replaced in twenty minutes.

She went out. Sveta and I were silent for another minute, I put out my cigarette in the ashtray and also went. Light remained silent in solitude. If I have time, I will still spin her to talk, I will arrange such a dessert for myself.



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